The Greneway Middle School

The Greneway Middle School

Garden Walk, Royston, Herts. SG8 7JF
Telephone: 01763 243650  (School Receptionist, Mrs N Johnson)   Email:


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History of Greneway

The building dates from 1954 when it housed Royston Secondary School, catering for pupils aged 11-16 years. In the 1960's the 3-tier system of first, middle and upper schools was introduced and on 9th September 1969 a middle school was opened on the site.

Meanwhile, the secondary school had transferred to a new building further along Garden Walk and had been re-named Meridian Upper School. The middle school, named Greneway after an ancient pathway linking Royston to the villages, was officially opened by Mrs Shirley Williams (later to become Minister for Education) on 3 July 1970.

In November 2011, Greneway joined with the other Middle school Roysia and upper school Meridian to create the Royston Schools Academy Trust, the first multi-school academy in Hertfordshire.

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Old aerial photograph of Greneway

Photograph of old school front before new reception built

Why are we called The Greneway School?

When the middles school was first opened in 1969 and we chose a name that showed the link between Royston and the surrounding villages. We remembered the old ‘Grene Highway’ that at one time linked the villages, so we decided on the name ‘Greneway’.

School Badge

If you look closely at the school badge you will find:

  • A Crusader’s Sword – for courage, truth and honour
  • The Royse Stone – symbol of our town
  • A Flame – for enthusiasm and the spirit of youth
  • GS – initials for Greneway School
Greneway School badge